Woman's Robe

Woman's robe with ribbonwork in the collections of the Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Museum Description: dark brown or black wool robe with black, red, and white satin ribbonwork applique along two edges. Ribbonwork is a black hem with two to four non-continuous rows of red and white diamond shapes.

NDT Note: Ribbon work extends all the way up the side, very fine, (otter tail pattern), height is 51", width is 58". Ribbonwork colors: red-193U, cream is actually a very pale aqua-slightly yellowed- 5523U and black. A. bottom ribbonwork is 4" B. Side ribbonwork is 3". Rating: 4-4+.

Physical Description: cloth (wool) and ribbon (satin); Dimensions: 147.4 cm (w) x 124.4 (l) approx.

Traditional Knowledge: 

mitemohsa ahkolayi