Skirt, early 20th century

Black broadcloth skirt, appliqued with silk ribbon in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York.

Museum Description: fine black broadcloth skirt, elaborately appliqued along the edges with silk ribbon in dark red, white and blue in stripes and diamond shaped lozenges, with a decoration of silver buttons sewn in rows and geometric designs, striped colored salvage; metal buttons are falling off, skirt is very fragile to handle, ribbon fringe extremely fragile, bugholes from former infest, collected from Mayetta, Kansas.

Physical Description: cloth (broadcloth), ribbon (silk), silver buttons; 61 7/16" x 56 11/16" (156.0cm x 144.0cm).

NDT Note: tarnished silver buttons; silk thread? fine thread?, little jingles at the bottom by vertical ribbon work and on the other part on the bottom, it looks like (from the tear spots along the edge) that there were jingles placed frequently and systematically along the band, likely a total band; on the cloth, underneath the border (so was there prior to ribbonwork) There is a number 4016 or 9107?4?, could this be the number of the bolt stamped by the supplier; mail cloth-539u dark blue-in crease areas-541u lighter blue, ribbon trim-originally black-faded on one side to 488u and 151u, white ribbon-cream color-bled on by black ribbon (apply to questioned items from Museum of Natural History), red ribbon 1935u, blue-288u-brighter blue, black-different material (see photos), part of the wool fabric is coming through can see original color, not similar color in color chart-much deeper. indigo black-dark blue black, skirt is very fragile to handle.

Provenance: Date collected: 1946 originally collected by M. Chandler, obtained by exchange with Cranbrook Institute of Science.

Brooklyn Museum's online collections include: "Culture: Miami," "Medium: Broadcloth, silk, silver buttons," "Dates: early 20th century," "Dimensions:  61 7/16 x 56 11/16 in. (156.0 x 144.0 cm)," "Collections: Arts of the Americas," "Museum Location: This item is not on view," "Accession Number: 46.100.37," "Credit Line: By exchange," "Rights Statement: Creative Commons-BY," "Caption: Miami. Skirt, early 20th century. Broadcloth, silk, silver buttons, 61 7/16 x 56 11/16 in. (156.0 x 144.0 cm). Brooklyn Museum, By exchange, 46.100.37. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 46.100.37_view1_bw.jpg)," and "Image: overall, 46.100.37_view1_bw.jpg. Brooklyn Museum photograph."

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