Men's Leggings

Wool leggings with diamond ribbonwork in the collections of the Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Museum Description: black wool legging with a red satin border at the top and blue, red, cream, light green (blue?) and black diamond shaped ribbonwork down the length of the leggings and at the bottom. Brown wool ties with black and red stripes are attached at the top and stripes of the same material are attached to the ankles. Black and white seed bead edging runs the length of the legging. On the opposite side is red, blue, black, and light green (blue?) ribbonwork stripes down the side of the legging.

NDT Note: excellent needlework, very fine, ribbonwork appears to have been stitched in 2 sections lengthwise when sewn on a center (?) strip of base fabric showing vertical strips, back edged with size 12 or 13 black beads. Colors of ribbonwork: red-193U at top color less faded and soiled; red-7426U at bottom faded and soiled; cream pale green 5527U soiled; dark blue 541U at top unfaded, medium blue 302U at bottom faded. Measurements of ribbonwork: red 7/8"; black 1/32"; blue 1 3/8"; black 1/32"; red (1/2?)"; black 1/32"; light blue/green varies from (1/2?)" to 7/16" rating: 4.

Physical Description: wool, ribbon (satin) and seed beads; Dimensions: 95.5 cm (l) x 32-36.7 cm (w).

Traditional Knowledge: